building a great home

Great Looking

I'm Terry
I'm a general builder with 40 years experience
Usually I work on my own to complete most projects but can call on specialist trades such as electrical and gas when required
Usually the bulk of my work is internal fitting kitchens and bathrooms tiling flooring plumbing
Carpentry 1st & 2nd fix replacement windows and doors
Everything needed to complete a dwelling
Because of the current situation my work is mainly outside building walls and fencing laying pathways and concrete
Erecting garden buildings
I have £5m liability insurance and a van full of tools.

some samples

Bathrooms designed and built    

With a new bathroom you can add a fresh new look 

large range of options 

Choose from a modern or comtemporary look, with a new bathroom your home will look super smart

Corner spa bath for that added bit of luxury 

Choose from a large range of baths, from our range there will be something to please